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2nd Charity Act to South Garut

The 2nd KTI Charity Act to Cisompet District, South Garut
12 September 2009

This charity act was the 2nd charity act conducted by KTI for the victims of the earthquake in Cisompet district, South Garut. Together with our colleagues from Indonesia Taft Diesel (TDI), the aid assistance was conducted on 12 September 2009. The donation were coming from various benefactors, they were the employees of the PLN Main office under coordination of Mr. Tom, Sara Lee Indonesia (goods from the company, employees, and from the prayer forum), Majlis Taklim Muhammad Ramadhan, fellows from TPG-23 IPB, and donation from other generous people.

This time the KTI team together with TDI (Bidjie) and more volunteer, came with more aid support and donation. More goods were distributed compare to that on the previous charity act conducted at 6 September 2009. This was because the aid support and donation sent to Cisompet district were still very limited.

The volunteer groups were:
1. Chevrolet Trooper: Tono + Mother
2. Chevrolet Trooper: Soeroso + Abah Nasiful
3. Chevrolet Trooper: Herawan + Amang
4. CRQ: Kusuma + Rika
5. Daihatsu Taft Rocky: Budi (Bidjie) TDI + Angelia (Sara Lee)

Like the previous trip, the team was accompanied  by Mr. Sardiman Tanjung, Head of the Civil Service of Garut and his wife, and this time with his Suzuki Jimny who acted as a guide and the Head of Cisompet district as Liaison.

The team departed from Jakarta on Friday afternoon/evening and stayed at Rika's home at Leuwigong, Garut. The next day the team moved to Garut to prepare the logistics which need to be purchased from the local market and transported by two units of Mitsubishi Colt L-300.

Preparation and loading the goods in Garut

The goods delivered were in the form of food (rice, salted eggs, sardines, instant noodles, etc.), medicines, soap, shampoo and other ingredients. When arrived at Cisompet district office, the donation were accepted and recorded by the district staff and signed by Head of Cisompet district, Mr. Haerudin U. S Sos, MSi.

Recording the donation goods, witnessed by Head of Cisompet district

After coordination, the team decided to directly distribute the goods to the two different locations, Cikondang village and Panyindangan village. Final destination was the same locations as previous charity act.

Route to Cikondang village was a gravel road for 9 km long with an emergency bridge made by wooden bearings arranged in position to minimize the hole space between timber, and safe enough for cars to pass by.

Route to Cikondang village

The damage caused by the earthquake at Cikondang village also happened to some permanent houses, mosques and Cikondang National Elementary School. It seems that the permanent buildings collapsed by the earthquake were the buildings rely on a red brick structure. It was interesting that the traditional wooden houses and building were still standing without any damage except some broken windows. It seems that there were some wisdom of our ancestors from the past about the construction knowledge that may have been forgotten. The team distributed the aid support directly to the local village authorities, the Council of Mosques and the local School Committee.

Building at Cikondang village after the earthquake

The National Elementary School after the earthquake

After giving all the aid support and donation at Cikondang village, the team moved to other disaster site in Cipaksa kampong, Panyindangan village to distribute food, medicines and alsomoney to help the rehabilitation of mosques and schools.

The Great Mosque of Cipaksa kampong

Given the time it was approaching Maghrib, the team finished this act by breaking the fast together with local community, served with fresh young coconut juice and food prepared by the locals. This was beyond our expectations and we did not expect such treatment. Apparently the local community wanted to convey their gratitude to the charity team, and of course to the benefactors.

KTI thanked  to all benefactors who have been willing to share with the fellow victims at Cisompet district, South Garut. Thanks also to Mr. Sardiman Tanjung and his wife who helped us showing the way. Also thanks to Mr. Haerudin, the Head of Cisompet district and his officials.

- Yudhi -
Source: Charity Act Close Out Report by Kusuma W.

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