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TIG IX - 2009

Trooper Indonesia Gathering (TIG) IX was the most interesting TIG ever held. Why? Because this TIG which took place in Kopeng and Ambarawa, Central Java 2009 was attended by more than 100 Chevrolet Trooper from all across the country.

Participant in front of 'White Cross' Inn

Sindoro mountain

Held on 31 December 2009 - 2 January 2010 and under the theme 'HISTORY & HERITAGE', the event were focused at 'White Cross' Inn in Kopeng that has a magnificent landscape view, and also tour visit to the Train Museum in Ambarawa. Prepared and organized by KTI Yogyakarta, Pak Tono and his fellow committee member prepared a unique program combined with some attractions by the member of KTI Yogyakarta families. This TIG succeeded to involve the other KTI regions including from Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor, Cirebon, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Paiton, Blitar, Bali, Medan, Palembang, Riau up to Lombok.

Lake at Dieng plateau

What made this TIG so special was, there were participant coming from other countries (Malaysia, Japan and India) and the participant who participate were 113 Chevrolet Trooper plus many other vehicle in different brands....incredible!!

Participant from other countries
Shah Zain and Rate de Silva from Malaysia

What an achievement! Even in other countries it is very difficult to have this condition and collecting so many participant of 1 single type of vehicle. This is the power of the family spirit that had been held by the Indonesian Trooper Community as the principle of life for the organization since it was founded 8 years ago (2002).

Hear are the details of the TIG IX events:

Day-1: 31 December 2009
The TIG-IX participants were planned to gather directly in 'White Cross' Inn, Kopeng, Central Java. The event for the 1st day was focused for an amicable reunion among participant and determining the spot where they will set the tents for staying over night. The first night all participants were doing camping at the camping ground located not far from the 'White Cross' cabins. The events of the evening was only an amicable reunion between all KTI members from Java, Bali, Sumatera and Borneo, and also to spent the New Year's Eve 2009 to welcome the year 2010 with a campfire.

Kuda Lumping dance by KTI's children
TIG kids with campfire

Day-2: 1 January 2010
In the morning all participants were getting ready to clean up the equipments and belonging to check in at the 'White Cross' lodge rooms. Morning events was a tour to the local point of interest such as Ketep or Kedung Kayang waterfalls. Other event was to travel to Boyolali and New Selo,  hiking post to Merapi mountain. The TIG participants were served by an incredible scenery during the journey. After spending the rest of the day on tour, then they continued to check in for rooms before starting the maint event of TIG IX. There were a lot of events presented by the participant. Starting from the introduction of each then continued to other Chapters. The entusiasms of the KTI member to participate in this even were reflected from so many family members who participated. Not only the parents or the children, but even the grandparents were also coming. Once again, it was incredible to see the atmosphere.

Dance by KTI Yogyakarta
Souvenirs from KTI Blitar

Day-3: 2 January 2010
In the morning all the participants were ready to have a tour to the train museum in Ambarawa. The journey was taken in convoy through the countryside with a beautiful natural landscape, which served with high terrain and down hills. Arrived at location, participants did the tour around the museum before they gathered again to enjoy the journey using an old steam train. This was the main object of this museum. It uses wood as fuel and it was an unforgettable experience for all participant. Unfortunately, it was limited only up to 80 passengers due to the limitation of the space. After lunch, TIG-IX was closed and the participants split up to return to their home.

Old steam train
The steam locomotive
Inside the wagon

The succeess of TIG-IX was mainly because the hard work of all the event committee, lead by Pak Tono and his team, where it had given a sweet memory for all participants who attended. Thank you pak Tono and the team! We'll meet again on the next event...!


Trooper garden
Line up
Mr. and Mrs. Zulkifli, the oldest member of KTI
In front the train museum Ambarawa
- Yudhi -

Source: Article from Ryco's Multiply, Pictures from Ryco's & Ervan's Multiply

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