Monday, March 1, 2010

Charity Act for the Landslide Victims in Tenjolaya Village, 26 Feb 2010

As we already know that some days ago in the village of Tenjolaya, Pasirjambu District, West Bandung, there was a landslide disaster which caused many houses in the Dewata tea plantation compound were buried, and with the casualties of more than 45 people. This village was inhabited by 52 families and one among the four compound areas of the 'Tea pickers' in Dewata tea plantation which was sensitive to landslide disaster.

The landslide disaster which was located at the valley of mount Tilu, was not covered by radio frequency nor cellular phone signal. So because of this, when the incident happened on Tuesday morning, 23 February 2010, the information about the disaster were able to be delivered to the local Pasirjambu authority after travelling 32 km, few hours later. According to the Vice Govenor of West Java, Mr. Dede Yusuf, the landslide were thought to occur due to the cracks in the cliff which caused by the last earthquake that occured on 2 September 2009.

The landslide location at Tejolaya

This time the Indonesian Trooper Community also participate to assist the victims through the Trooper Indonesia Charity Act (TICA), together with the other automotive community like The Series and the 4Wheeller. The support and donation gathered from the donor were used to buy some goods such as clothing, blankets, towels and medicines, while the remaining budget then given in a form of 5 million Rupiah cash money.

Offloading the support

Kusuma giving the assistance

The group left on 25 February 2010 to Ciwidey and arrived on the next day on 26 February 2010, and immediately deliver the materials to the Duafa Disaster Command Center in Tenjolaya village, Pasirjambu District, Bandung. The distance from Ciwidey to the scene was about 26 km away with the rocky slippery roads.

The distribution of support through the Command Center was intended to let the group not to reach the location directly. This will only inrease the difficultiy level of the evacuation team while evacuating the victims in the scene. The decision was also based on the report from our colleague who already at the scene that there were already about 500 vehicles on location. The authorities also expect that the logistic supports and assistance to be delivered through the nearest Disaster Command Center.

Thanks to all donor who have graciously extend their empaty to assist our brother who suffered from this disaster.

- Yudhi -

Source: Mailing list, Kompas.Com 24/02, Kompas.Com 25/02

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