Thursday, March 4, 2010

Reza HP's Resignation Proposal is Accepted by the Advisory Board

On 3 March 2010, through the email posting addressed to the Trooper Indonesia mailinglist and the Committee Member mailing list, the KTI Advisory Board has officially accepted the resignation of Reza HP (Echa) as the KTI Chairman for period of 2008 - 2010 as he posted via email on last 17 February 2010.

After a discussion meeting held on 21 February 2010 which was attended by the majority of the Advisory Board members, Committee members and several KTI members, providing one of the results of this meeting was to give more time to Reza HP to consider his resignation proposal. One other result of this meeting was also set the procedures for the acceptance of this resignation. This was then followed  by private meeting between the Advisory Board representative with Reza himself, to discuss further about wether he was still intended to continue his resignation planning by keeping the respect of Reza's personal rights.  

By the acceptance of this resignation of Reza as the Chairman of KTI, therefore, as of 3 March 2010 the KTI Committee will be continued by Kusuma W, who currently serves as the KTI Vice Chairman.

A big thanks profusely from all the members of Indonesian Trooper Community to Reza, who has given a huge contribution to KTI during his leadership. Hopefully this resignation will not affect the further development of our community, but instead, provides new challenges that will make KTI stronger in the future.

- Yudhi -

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