Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Survey to South Malang, 6-7 March 2010

Our fellows from KTI South Java, on 6-7 March 2010 was having a survey trip combined with camping in the area of South Malang, following the route Malang - Sendang Biru - Bajul Mati - Bale Kambang - Kondang Merak (based on the informal sources, this route was pionneered by the Dutch). The event was coordinated by Sri Sadono and Imam Mustaqim, also by other KTI South Java members such as Hendra, Vinny, Widy and the others. It was divided into two groups, the 1st group who depart at 20:00 pm on 6 March 2010 to take the survey as well as camping, and the 2nd group which left at 07:00 am on 7 March 2010, which later on joined the other group and together went for the survey trip.

This event is one part of the plan that has been programmed by KTI East Java in their 2010 Agenda. Participant who joined this event including the KTI East Java, KTI Gresik, KTI Blitar and also KTI Malang. The track includes some muddy road and through a shallow river. This survey trip took place smoothly without any significant obstacles and under the bright hot sunny day.

Article reference: Mailinglist, March 2010
Foto by Imam Mustaqim and Vinny

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