Friday, April 16, 2010

Meaning of the "LS" emblem on Chevrolet Trooper

So far, we probably never thought about one of the emblem found on our Trooper positioned on the right and left side of the body, the emblem that reads "LS". This code has existed since the Chevrolet Trooper was introduced into market in Indonesia with "LD" sticker code for the 3-doors version 1984 - 1987, and then replaced by the three dimentional "LS" emblem for the 5-doors version. What is exactly this "LD/LS" emblem means?

Refer to the discussion on Trooper Indonesia mailing list, this code is the code for TRIM LEVEL submodel which was related to the optional item and/or accessories suplied, such as Renegade, Sport, Laredo or Limited for JEEP. Other example is for the Sporty and Hi-Grade for Isuzu Panther [Irawan].

For Trooper, trim level are also different in each country. For example in Japan which use 'LD' code for the lowest level, LT and LS for the higher level. In UK, they use codes ranging from STD, DLX and LS. While in the United States, they use XS, DLX and LS, and RS version for the short chassis model. In Indonesia are known with 'LD' for 3-doors Trooper version and 'LS' for 5-door Trooper version. What distinguishes between the trim levels are the standard equipment from each of these variants. [Andhika].

LS=Luxury Sport, LT=Luxury Touring, LD=Luxury Deluxe, STD=Standard, DLX=Deluxe

Article reference: Trooper Indonesia mailing list, 04-2010

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