Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kartini Off Road, 2 Mei 2010

UPDATE: Summary of the Event

As already informed earlier about this event, the Kartini Off Road competition was organized by the 4Wheeler and has been carried out successfully without any obstacles. The event which took place at Bukit 4x4, Pondok Cabe area on last Sunday, 2 May 2010, was attended by 73 participants comprising the ladies from various groups, consists of students, workers and also housewives mothers. On average, most of participants were newbies to the off world activities, but apparently the spirits of these ladies about this sport had not stop them to show their skills on the field.

From 73 participants registered, 20 participants were in Beginner class and the rest 53 participants were in General class. We have 3 participants who are the wife of our KTI Jaya member colleagues. They are Mrs. Wid (Rake's wife), Mrs. Keke (Ragung's wife) and also the wife of Mr. Mawan. Each of them use Chevrolet Trooper. Although they could not reach the Big 10, but this event was the beginning of the future participations of these ladies in the off road events.

This event were also covered by some television media, magazines and newspapers. There were MetroTV, JIP Magazine, Otomotif Tabloid, Mobil Motor Magazine, Tamasya Magazine, and DFM Radio. This event were also supported by the IOF Komda Jakarta and some other sponsorships.

The 1st winner in the General class was Miss. Paramitha from Manado, North Sulawesi, who were awarded the grand prize of Emoto motorcycle. While for the 1st champion in the Beginner class was Miss Elga. We congratulate 4Wheelers for the success in having this Kartini Off Road event and also to our KTI colleagues who participated in this event as event committee.

Article reference: Ryco, Trooper Indonesia mailing list, 05-2010

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