Monday, July 5, 2010

Winch Ownership Program from KTI

Innovation is without limit, moreover when it provides an advantage for many people. Even though it is not in a form of a technology or something new, an simple idea might  be called "An Innovation". Indonesia Trooper Community (KTI) recently launched an innovative program which was a Member Winch Ownership program for its members through a soft loan facility. Though it is not a big deal, but what made it spectacular was that this program gave us a 25% discount for cash or credit.

Promoted and coordinated by one of KTI's members, Tansri Buana and Ryco Arnaldo, who were able to include one of the well known winch producers in off-road world, T-Max, this winch ownership program started about 2 months ago and very well welcome by all KTI members in Indonesia. This program was also open for other winch brands such as Superwinch and WARN, and exclusive for the member of Indonesia Trooper Community. However, the 25% special discount program only applies for T-Max brand and Superwinch.

Beside giving the soft loans with 12 months installments and 0% interest, another magnificent thing was the opportunity given to the first 25 people who choose the T-Max EW-9500 series to get free upgrade to EW-11000 series who has higher specification. In 1 month, this opportunity were all been taken away by KTI members who participate in this program.

This winch ownership program is still open for all KTI members and KTI will continue to provide this opportunity for its members and providing financial contribution for the organization. It is FROM, BY and FOR Indonesia Trooper Community.

Bravo KTI!! 

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