Sunday, May 20, 2001

History of KTI

Komunitas Trooper Indonesia (KTI), in English would be the Indonesian Trooper Community, was born by an initiative in creating a communication forum among the Chevrolet Trooper fans and lovers, all over the Country. A desire to have more information about this 4x4 vehicle which is one of the most famous SUV at that time, had inspired Trisna Yudhianto Prakoso (Yudhi) to initiate a communication relationship on the net.

Starting with the mailing list of ‘’ at 28 May 2001, together by announcing its existence through some free adds through the internet, the history of the Indonesian Trooper Community in relationship among the Trooper owners was begun. On the first year, communication was only by email. People still not aware about this mailing list so only few people joined this forum.

Initiative to move further was taken while the mailing list was about a year old. It was by having a small gathering between the mailing list members for the first time, during an Automotive Event, the 2nd OTOBURSA which was held in Lapangan Timur Senayan, Jakarta. A new is began. And from that time, this small gathering was called ‘KOPI DARAT’ or ‘KOPDAR’.

The 1st KOPDAR was attended by only 2 mailing list members, Yudhi with dr. Leo, and Juned. And some other Trooper owner we met in the OTOBURSA event, Mr. Nasiful, Danny Nasiful, and Mr & Mrs. Zulkifli. Eventhough the 1st KOPDAR was attended by a very few participants, it didn’t mean that the effort stop there. Since then, we have given many efforts to introduce and to show the existence of community and the mailing list through internet, like putting adds on the internet and also by giving flyers to the Trooper owners.

Participant of the 1st KOPDAR
From left to right: Juned, Mr. Zulkifli, Mrs. Zulkifli, dr. Med. Leo, Danny, Yudhi, Andi, Nasiful
The first 3 cars member

Flyer created by Ditto, one of the earliest member of the mailing list

Since the 1st KOPDAR, the next KOPDARs are periodically held to keep communication between members alive, especially for those who could not access the mailing list. This KOPDAR is also used as a media to show the existence of KTI. Since it was promoted through the internet and flyers, we started to gain some results. Mailing list and non-mailing list members were increasing rapidly because of the efforts of all members by introducing it to other fellowship countrymen with the spirit of brotherhood, and based on the Vision and Mission of KTI.

Beside KOPDAR, other events which are periodically held by KTI are:

  • TIG (Trooper Indonesia Gathering). It is a gathering event for all KTI member where the agenda is focusing on the family activity, complete with light off road event.

  • TIFOR (Trooper Indonesia Fun Off Road). It is an off road event that focus on the introduction of off road activity to the KTI member. In this event, we often put some off road training and exercise for the member who are not yet familiar with off road activity, and want to know more about the capability of their vehicle. This is because, not all the KTI member realize and has knowledge in utilizing the 4x4 facility of their Trooper, and not every member like to off road.

  • TIAOR (Trooper Indonesia Adventure Off Road). It is an off-road activity which is intended for KTI members who already has a sufficient capability in off-road terrain, and also has the appropriate vehicle specification required. Beside it held internally by KTI, It can also be a participation of KTI team in bigger national or international events such as West Java National Off Road (WJAOR).

Until now, more than 1200 members are recorded as members in Trooper Indonesia mailing list. KTI itself currently has stood up as club Bylaw and has many members spread all over Indonesia.

KTI was formed to uphold the vision and mission that has existed since the Trooper Indonesia mailing list was created, namely by raising communication among automotive enthusiasts in general, and in particular with the fans, lovers and owners Chevrolet Trooper, and uphold the principle of the ‘Family Spirit’ in every activity . The basis of this community is the ‘Family Spirit’, where we are not solely concern in the automotive activity, but also the relationship between fellow members and putting decision taken under consensus among all

Vision and Mission of KTI can be seen on the other posting "Vision and Mission of KTI

- Yudhi -

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