Wednesday, May 30, 2001

Vision and Mission of KTI

Vision and Mission of KTI (Trooper Indonesia Community) is a base reference of Trooper Indonesia mailing list, which is the earliest form of this community, which then reformed to be a club known as KTI. A recognized Automotive club in Indonesia.

To establish a joint community between owners and lovers of Trooper in Indonesia which is open, without any bond, conditions and restrictions. The form of this community is not embracing a certain group with the same understanding, flow, or the activities of a particular people that restricts a person / Trooper anywhere to join this community. This community is formed by upholding the principle of "family spirit" among members that has Troopers, and those who does not have Troopers but willing to join because someday they want to have one, and every person who has the spirit of community, although does not have Trooper.

Invite as many as possible the Automotive owners and lovers in general, and the Trooper owners and lovers in particular in Indonesia, to know one to another and exchange information about Trooper and automotive. Each member is expected to be willing to share any information with other fellow members when needed. Exchange of information is the main purpose of the establishment of Trooper Indonesia Community.

This Vision and Mission of KTI is the initial draft which has existed since the establishment of Trooper Indonesia mailing list. But along with the growth of KTI in the following years, as well as the reformation of this community into a club with its Articles of Ascociation/By-Laws, Vision and Mission of KTI has also been transformed to accommodate the current needs of the club, without neglecting the initial spirit of the establishment of KTI.

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