Monday, March 10, 2003

TIG I - 2003

Finally, the First Trooper Indonesia Gathering have been successfully implemented and running smoothly. After we made the survey to the location that would be used for the event, the South Coast, the implementation of the TIG-1 has been carried out on 1 to 3 March 2003 with the number of participants more than 30 people.

The agenda of events held during the trip are as follows:

Day-1: 1 Maret 2003
The journey started from Jakarta to the Pelabuhan Ratu in West Java, where participants gathered for coordination in Sentul Rest Area. The journey continues to the Village Ciptarasa (Sirnawangi lodging) as the end point of Day 1, for resting and over night. To closed Day-1, BBQ for dinner and accompanied by a campfire.

Day-2: 2 Maret 2003
We continue the journey to Pelabuhan Ratu, and then to Batu Kuwung for a tour and lunch. The next trip was to the beach Pantai Manuk Island through the hills, and then we restd while enjoying the Sunset. The final destination of Day-2 was Arya Perdana Inn in Karang Taraje coast to stay overnight and filled the evening with various events.

Day-3: 3 Maret 2003
On the last day of TIG-I we still have 1 trip agenda, which is off-road along the coast. We start the road trip to Taleunca, and then to Bagedur beach, where all participant start to off-roading and got into bushes to reach the beautiful beach. We closed TIG-I at this beach with lunch before returning back to Jakarta via Malingping and Serang.

This is where one of our friends, Ryco, was blessed and get a gift which was not long after the TIG I was held, our friend got his first baby.

- Yudhi -

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