Thursday, September 2, 2004

TIG III - 2004

With the total of 40 Troopers and several other vehicles (including Mr. Hary Sanusi's Toyota Prado and Bibib's Toyota Land Cruiser), the 3rd TIG was once again held in West Java mountains area, precisely in the comfortable and cool Pengalengan region.

The agenda for the 3rd TIG, beside brought up the 'Family' theme, games and attractions, this TIG was also used as the election for the new chairman and the vice chairman for KTI, replacing the current chairman Irawan Adiwono.
The summary of the event carried out during this 3rd TIG were as follows:

1st Day: 14 August 2004
All participants left for the first destination in Pengalengan through the route of Jakarta-Purwakarta-Wanayasa-Ciater-Tangkuban Perahu crater. During the journey, the groups stopped for a while in Tangkuban Perahu crater for some tour while taking some rest, before continuing the journey to Pengalengan. The journey then continued through the Panci Freeway, passing Buah Batu and Dayeuhkolot, Banjaran until arriving at the hotel. After checking-in, some participants then continued the activity by offroading in Ciwidey area for the rest of the day. While the other participants were offroading near the hotel area which had proven that the track location was quite challenging and they didn't want to miss the opportunity to try their vehicle's capability.

Tangkuban Perahu crater

Day-2: 15 August 2004
The 2nd day was started with the mild off-road activity by exploring the tea plantation area and took some pictures together in an open filed which was wide enough to accommodate all the participating vehicles.

Exploring the tea plantation

Photo session

Next, the group went to Cileunca lake to held the main event which were family games, including the distribution for souvenirs provided by Garmak Motor, Indonesian Sole Agent for Chevrolet cars. On the evening, the main agenda of the 3rd TIG, the election of the new Chairman and Vice-Chairman of KTI was conducted with the result, Suharmen and Ryco as the new Chairman and Vice-Chairman.

Rolling the wheels


Day-3: 16 August 2004
This day was the last day of the 3rd TIG where all participants returned back to their home town via the route of Pengalengan, Banjaran, Dayeuhkolot and Buah Batu. Some participant decided to return back to Jakarta by having some light offroad through Ujung Berung-Oray Tapa-Gunung Kasur-Bukit Tunggul tea plantation-Maribaya (here the group took some rest while enjoying the hot spring) and then re-route to Jakarta passing Lembang-Ciater-Wanayasa-Purwakarta.

Once again, KTI had shown their strong brotherhood in implementing the TIG agenda ,successfully and smoothly.

- Yudhi -

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