Thursday, January 20, 2005

TIG IV - 2004


The 4th TIG of Indonesian Trooper Community was held on 25 December 2004 - 2 January 2005 having a theme of 'TOUR d'JAVA'. The destination of this TIG was the city of Yogyakarta which then continued to Surabaya, passing the great Bromo mountain.

The full details of the TIG-IV trip are not able to be presented completely, waiting for some additional information from other KTI colleagues. For a moment, only some photographs of the journey and its activites can be presented on this posting.


Photo session at Bromo's savanah

The convoy

Through the sand crater of Bromo

 Lining up

Lining up at the crater

The convoy

We are the Trooper family!

At the Heroes Monument

- Yudhi -

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