Sunday, July 29, 2007

TIG VII - 2007

This time the Trooper Indonesia Gathering (TIG) VII took place in Central Java and Yogyakarta area, and was held on 9 - 11 July 2007 with participants from the KTI members of Java and Bali island.

The fellow KTI members from Java and Bali depart from their each region to the meeting point in Central Java. The detail of the TIG-VII journey were as follows:

Day-1: 9 July 2007
After checking out from the transit hotel and made a consolidation meeting to discuss the travelling plan, the group then headed to Ketep Pass using normal route. In Ketep Pass, participants enjoyed the natural beauty of mount Merapi and Merbabu, while watching the volcano eruption movie. Next journey was to Borobudur temple for a tour and lunch. Then all participants returned back to Yogyakarta for a free program for all family, before headed to Kaliurang to check in, or for the participants who prefered to camp they set the camping ground at Wonogondang area.

Day-2: 10 July 2007
The main event of the TIG-VII was held in Wonogondang and began with an opening speech by the TIG-VII committee, KTI Committee, and then continued with an amicable. At 9:00 the event continued with the Country Road touring toward mount Merapi area, led by our fellow from IOF (Indonesian Offroad Federation) Yogyakarta. After lunch, the event continued with some outbound activities for familiy, and 'Speed Offroad' for the other participants who interested. Event for the night was 'Night Offroad', hosted by the our fellow from IOF Yogyakarta to Merapi. And for participant who did not participate, they conducted a gathering with a campfire.

Day-3: 11 July 2007
It was the last day of TIG-VII where all participants left to Kledung Pass, Temanggung. The rest of the day was spent with some events and activities while enjoying some tea, ginger soup, roasted corn, and others. We closed TIG-VII event and each participants left for their each hometown.

There is nothing can describe the beauty of the togetherness among the TIG VII participants, and we surely wait for the next TIG events.

- Yudhi -

Source:Article of Kusuma's anf foto by Made's

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