Friday, February 29, 2008

TIAOR II - Feb 2008

The 2nd Trooper Indonesia Adventure Off-Road (TIAOR) was held on 22-24 February 2008 at 3 different areas, Cikidang, Cibadak and Citarik area in West Java, with total number of 22 participants and they were consisted of Chevrolet Troopers and other vehicle brands. The competition was divided into 2 category, 'Trooper' category and 'Non-Trooper' category. This time the event was also exposed by several news media such as GlobalTV, Trans7, and some tabloids like Automotive, Jeep, Car Motorcycle, and Otosport.

On the Day-1, the journey was characterzied by slippery contour, muddy ground and inclined terrain. In some locations, participants didn't have other option but to use their winch and there were participants who experienced serious damage with the front axle hub, so they must returned to Jakarta. A good team work and cooperation shown by some participant. A participant who had a damaged differential gear, lend his axle hub to the other participant who had axle hub trouble so he could still continue the competition. It was such an amazing and extarordinary team-work.

Hard terrain and combined with rain, made the travel time become quite long. Especially with the landslide and rocks in the Trial Stage 1 (TS-1), made most of the participants took the 'Backtrack' journey and seek a new path to reach the base camp located in Citarik area. Some of the participant who made it through the first landslide obstacle, must face another landslide obstacles and struggled to get through that route. They required 6 hours to pass only 150 metre!! And once again, this TS-1 took another victim with damaged clutch, winch and battery. This car then towed along the journey until it reach home.

On Day-2, the group continued to the TS-2 which served by speed off-road event through a little 'handycap' and long water path. There were 2 accidents, the first one happened to a Land Rover that crashed an embankment and then fell into the rice fields, and the second on e was a Red Sujuki that slipped  due to the over speeding. Some participants could go through and finish safely without any problem. At 10 p.m., all participants had returned back to the base camp.

The event for the Day-3 was 'winching challenge'. Several participants were able to make it through this TS, but there were also some participants who failed due to damage cross-joint coupling and fell-off bumper.

Result fro TIAOR II were as follows:

Trooper Category
1st winner   : Pak Herawan (KTI Jakarta)
2nd winner  : Welly (KTI Jakarta)
3rd winner  : Echa (KTI Jakarta)
4th winner   : Indra - Ervan (KTI Yogyakarta)
5th winner   : Ical (KTI Yogyakarta)

Non-Trooper Category
1st winner   : Joko Jangkrik
2nd winner  : Emma - Yuri
3rd winner  : Pak Erman - Erick

Winner Thropy           : Pak Herawan (KTI Jakarta)
Spirit Award              : Ervan (KTI Yogyakarta)
Jungleman Award       : Joko Jangkrik
Environmental Award : Emma

- Yudhi -

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