Tuesday, January 20, 2009

TIG VIII - 2008

With the theme of 'GO GREEN', the TIG-VIII was held on 29-31 December 2008 and took the route to East Java with the final destination Bromo mountain and Lawang. The participants coming from various regions were gathered at the meeting point in the city of Yogyakarta, and then the groups headed to Blitar, East Java where our fellows from KTI Blitar had been awaiting and then guided our way to Blitar.

On this occasion, we also performed the inauguration of KTI Blitar which formally joined the big family of Trooper Indonesian Community.

The group was received and welcomed by Alvis, one of the KTI Yogyakarta member who later founded the KTI Blitar. The group arrived and was welcome in Alvis' residence and even the Mayor of Blitar also attended to participate in the event of KTI Blitar inauguration. What a surprise!

All participants of more than 70 cars, continued the journey from Blitar to Probolinggo. After a lunch break, the group was guided by our fellow KTI East Java heading to Bromo mountain. The group then checked-in at the Bromo hotel and the Lava View hotel at around 19:00, where the opening ceremony of TIG-VIII will be held. In this event, the entire participants received souvenirs from KTI Bali.

On the next day the event began with the "The planting of 1000 pine tree". The group then moved toward the famous sand dessert of Bromo crater for some photo session and then continued to the Bromo savannah.

After that, the group then started to have a 'Country Road' trip to Lawang tea plantation. The event for the day had some constraint with less-friendly weather due to coincide with the rainy season. Fog and rain often accompany the group during the trip in Bromo and Lawang. At 20:30, the convoy entered Lawang and took some rest before closing the TIG-VIII in the next morning.

- Yudhi -

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