Wednesday, February 25, 2009

TIAOR III - Feb 2009

The 3rd Trooper Indonesia Adventure Off Road (TIAOR) was held for 3 days from 20-22 February 2009 at Cikidang, Sukabumi. In addition to the off-road adventure events, Indonesian Trooper Community (KTI) also held a charity act to distribute free medicine to the local community while conducting KOPDAR (KTI's routine small gahtering event). This event was attended by KTI Jabodetabek, KTI Yogyakarta and KTI Bali members. And for the off-road event itself, participants were also coming from other off-road community such as the Suzuki Off-road Jeep Indonesia (SJI) and Sukabumi Off-road Community.

The off-road event was divided into 2 categories, the 'Heavy' category and 'Special Trooper' category, with the total of 30 participants (Chevrolet Troopers and other vehicle brands). For the 'Special Trooper' category, participants were competing for the champion Trophy. As for general, including the other category, all participants competed for the ultimate champion based on the total value obtained.

This race event was consisted of 6 stages (Special Stages). There was also an additional event called 'Champ of the Champ', where participants raced on short narrow racing track within the defined time limit. This time, the off-road track was quite heavy and very challenging, beside being held in the middle of the rubber plantation, the participants should be able to overcome the challenges of the contour path hills. It put into the test the ability in handling the vehicle and also the mental strength of the participant. Based on the information from one of the organizers, the track arrangement of this event was prepared for a special preparation of the bigger upcomming event.

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