Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Culinary Gathering

There is something new about the KTI's routine activity which is called 'KOPDAR' (Gathering). It's called 'KOPDAR KULINER' or in English would be 'CULINARY GATHERING'. The activity the same, but while having a gathering it is also enjoying one typical food. As we know that Indonesia has thousand kinds of food. Therefore the spirit of this Culinary Gathering is to taste not only the togetherness but also giving some taste to our appetite.

The idea was originated from Mr. Joki Eko "Jeko" where a colleague of his, wanted his food stall which is located in Pondok Kopi, visitted by a group of Offroad specification modified cars. This desire came up when he saw Mr. Joki's Trooper at the office.


Served with a so called 'pecel' (Indonesian sallad), the Culinary Kopdar was held on 22 March 2009. What made it special is that the stall owner who owned a Production House, interviewed the fellow KTI while enjoying their meals.

What a nice experience....surely we need to have other event like this one. Nyummy!!

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