Monday, February 15, 2010

Kopdar 14 February 2010

On Sunday, 14 February 2010 the fellow KTI in Jakarta held the routine small gathering event which took place at the swimming pool stadium's parking lot at Senayan sport area, Jakarta. On this occasion which also coincided with the Valentine's Day and the Lunar New Year, the fellow KTI members in Jakarta showed the spirit in the effort to form a solid KTI Jakarta chapter, where the candidates of the Chairman, Mr. Abitani, and the candidate of the Vice Chairman, Mr. Ragung, led this event in the togetherness as the spirit of KTI.

Foto session

Seniors with the KTI members

Attended by a total of 30 Chevrolet Troopers and the other 10 Non-Troopers, the event was served with various meal provided by the KTI member such as cookies, yellow rice, 'empek-empek' Palembang and some 'duku' Palembang.

The menu

Yellow rice from Mr. Zul to Abitani

Yellow rice from Mr. Sofi to Mr. Nasiful

Yellow rice from Yudhi to Ragung

This Kopdar was also covered by the DFM 103.4 fm Radio where Abitani made an On-Air interview with celluar, so it can be heard by all DFM listeners in Jakarta. In this event, all participants also made self introductions with each other, so if one day they accidentaly meet during their journey, there will be no doubt for them to greet each other.

Self introduction

Self introduction from Lina

On the sidelines of the Kopdar, The Chairman of KTI, Reza, stated his plan to have a Proposal ceremonial which will be held on 24 February 2010. He asked for blessings from all the KTI colleagues in order to have the ceremonial run succesfully and smoothly.

Reza asking for blessing

- Yudhi -

Foto courtessy of Ryco & Yudhi

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