Saturday, February 20, 2010

Reza Hariputra resigned from the Chairman of KTI

On 17 February 2010, all member of KTI family received quite shocking news. The news was about our colleagues, Reza Hariputra who better known as "Echa", regarding his resignation. This was very unfortunate, considering that the remaining period of KTI Committees led by him will be over by next November 2010, exactly in 6 months. This gave a significant impact for KTI, which at the present time, was undergoing a program that has been previously implemented in the early leadership of Echa, including the KTI's ByLaw revision.

As we all know that the current development of KTI was beyond our expectations. The new members coming from vairous area like Bali, Semarang, Yogyakarta, East Java including Blitar, Jember, Gresik, Blitar, also Riau, Bogor, Palembang, and others, to become one family in KTI, the refinement agenda for KTI's ByLaw became part of Echa's agenda. With his resignation from the Chairman of KTI, this program got a little disturbance. But KTI is not a regular organization, but a community based organization which rely on the 'Family' principle which has been upheld for long time. Therefore, afther Echa's resignation, the committee had a big challenge to continue KTI's program in the future.

Until now, KTI has not issued any statement in respect to the resignation. We expect to have some news within this week to obtain more information about this news.

To Echa, thank you for everything and your leadership you have given to KTI.
Bravo KTI!!

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