Friday, March 19, 2010

Engine and Frame Number on Chevrolet Trooper 1984 - 1995

For Diesel Engine

On Chevrolet Trooper with C223 Diesel Engine, the engine number is located between the cylinder block and the water pump, right below the power steering pump bracket. In Indonesia, the engine and frame number are required when we need to extend the vehicle license by swiping the paper above it. So to make it easier to swipe, the power steering bracket need to be removed and also the pulley and the fan.

For Gasoline Engine
For the Trooper with gasoline engine, the location of the number is located between the engine block and the transmission block head. It is on the left side below the spark plug no.4

Frame Number
The frame number is located on the back side of the chasis near the arch of the frame. The position is covered by the rear tyre, so to make it easier to swipe, the tyre need to be removed.

Source: Trooper Indonesia mailinglist

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