Saturday, March 20, 2010

Aluminium Window Frame

For the Chevrolet Trooper, especially the 3 doors version  of both Short Wheel Base and Long Wheel Base, the rear-side window frame is one of a rare component. If you have these frame rusty or corroded and need to be replaced, you will have a difficulty to find the brand new item in the market and if these component exist, the price will be very expensive. 

There is one solution that can be considered to overcome this. It is by using the window frame made of aluminium which is anti-corrosion material and the price is still relatively affordable. Mr. Hari Hananto from Surabaya on his posting on the Trooper Indonesia mailing list, mentioned that he was able to make this aluminium window frame for his Chevrolet Trooper with only 600 thousand Rupiah which was manufactured directly in one of the aluminium factory in Surabaya.

Article source: Hari Hananto, Trooper Indonesia mailinglist

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