Friday, April 9, 2010

Fiddoh 1st Champion - Indonesian Offroad Competition

On 31 March to 4 April 2010 there was a 2010 Indonesian Off Road Competition (IOC) which was held in Cuban Talun, City of Batu - Malang, East Java. The competition was participated by as many as 75 participants and fight for the IOC trophy and also the Govenor trophy of East Java, including 2 vehicles as Grand Prizes for the 1st and 2nd Champions. And once again, our colleagues from Indonesian Trooper Community (KTI), Fiddoh Muhammad, succeeded to win the competition as the 1st Champion.

In additional, another KTI colleagues from Bali, Ketut 'Boncel' Tirtayasa also succeeded in this competition at 7th position. This was a remarkable achievements for us in which they were able to achieve a National title, overcoming the other Indonesian senior offroaders such as Yuma Wiranatakusuma which positioned at 8th.

Congratulation Fiddoh and Boncel!!

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