Friday, April 9, 2010

Ball Joint Flip - Overcome the Front Ground Clearance

For the Trooper owners who need more ground clearance in order to use larger tire size (eg. 31 x 10.5 or bigger), ground clearance of the factory default standard will be an obstacle. The most easiest way to overcome this without any additional modification is to rotate the front wheel torsion suspension, and to press the rear leaf springs. This is to gain more enough ground clearance so the bigger tires will not bump to the fender. 

However, based on experience, both solution are not effective enough. Turning the front torsion suspension will sacrifice the comfortability of the suspension system due to the reduction of the torsion margin, also technically will make the high slope angle of the axle which can reduce the lifetime of the axle and the free hub. Pressing the rear leaf springs will also affect their strength and reduce the level of comfort.

One solution to overcome the ground clearance problems especially for the front tires is the ball joint flip method.  Ball joint method is a method where recently is considered most appropriate, economical and effective, and has been applied by many colleagues who join the Indonesian Trooper Community, especially those who often go for light off-road. In addition, this method will compromise the Trooper's standard suspension system, considered safe and not sacrificing the strength of the standard suspension system. 

The detail 'How-To' of the Ball Joint Flip can be seen on article wrote by Tad Gosvenor at Planet Isuzoo.Com.

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