Thursday, May 13, 2010

Coverage Kopdar OTOBURSA "Reborn", 8-9 May 2010

On the 8-9 May 2010, KTI Jaya has successfully held the Kopdar (Small gathering) with the theme "Reborn". It was held by participating in the Annual Automotive Event "OTOBURSA" in Parkir Timur Senayan, Jakarta. KTI opened a booth by collecting funds from some KTI colleagues and used as the gathering spot for all KTI members who came to the event, and also used to sell some Trooper and off-road stuffs as well. At this moment, some KTI colleagues from other region in Indonesia also came to visit the booth just to share the story and chat since we communicate only via the mailing list.

During this event, the KTI booth were visited by mostly 30 KTI colleagues on average, especially on Sunday afternoon where the Kopdar event was scheduled. Among the guests there were also some new comers who recently joined the community. This event was truly festive, especially with some souvenirs provided by one of our KTI seniors, Mr. Tono, the KTI small flags, which were given to every guest who visit our booth and fill the guest book.

In addition to the fest, we were also able to enjoy all the display of the other automotive clubs which participated in the OTOBURSA and also several booths that offer lots of automotive stuffs and spare parts, even retro bike and motorcycles were on sale. As in previous OTOBURSA events, all visitors can also enjoy some attractions provided by the organizers such as 'Crushing the Cars' show.

Presented at this Kopdar some seniors and elders who has devoted their many years to be part of the KTI Big Family like Mr. Zulkifli and wife, Mr. Budha, Mr. Rangsang, Mr. Sofiudin, Mr. Nasiful, Mr. Roso and so many other colleagues. The presence of the KTI members from other regions like Palembang, Semarang, Bandung, Cilegon, East Java and others, add more soul and warm atmosphere in this Kopdar event. It was really nice to able to meet so many family member during these 2 days event, and hopefully this atmosphere will always remain among this beloved KTI Big Family.

Articles and photos by Yudhi, 05-2010

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