Thursday, May 13, 2010

Trooperkids by KTI East Java, 9 May 2010

It was a truly remarkable event by our colleagues from KTI East Java, which on the 9 May 2010 they organized an event called 'TROOPERKIDS' in Surabaya, East Java. What is 'TROOPERKIDS' ? It was an event which is dedicated to the children and their families who are the members of the KTI Big Family. The term 'Tooperkids' was actually appeared in the mailing list by the other colleagues from Jakarta, but then the realization was different. The spirit of our colleagues from East Java was successfully brought the idea into reality and able to held this event in Surabaya for the first time ever, and also the first time in Indonesia.

The event was attended by several KTI Chapters like Mojokerto, Malang, Gresik, Sidoarjo and Surabaya as the host. Initially, number of participants who were registered and listed were 130 people with 30 Troopers. But due to some problems and obstacles, the final number of participants recorded were 83 people with 22 Troopers. This amount was incredible considering that it was the first event ever held by KTI East Java and our fellow committee had never give up on this.

 All participants were gathered at the Navy complex at Juanda airport at 06:30. Light gymnastics stretches and "poco-poco" dance used as the opening ceremony for this event, followed by a long walk toward the aircraft apron inside Juanda airport. After some photo sessions with the background of the old non-operated military aircraft, all participants then returned to the meeting point for breakfast and accompanied by some music to enlighten the atmosphere.

After breakfast then continued with the Family Games which required all family members to participate, even grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother, sister are all without exception. This was intended to express the togetherness and unity among all participants. This event began with a simple flag ceremony to honor the Indonesian Flag with Indonesian National Theme "Indonesia Raya" and followed by a prayer.

Trooperkids event consists of several games like training the skills to get pass the rope bridge, flying fox which was not only children who were interested but also the adults, the "swing bridge" which is generally reserved for the soldiers, and crawling through nets and down the tower. The joy and happiness were reflected in the hilarious jokes, humor and screaming because of the fun during the games. This situation was all possible due to the cooperation and the team work of the KTI East Java members who have prepared themselves very well and passing the information about this Trooperkids event through the mailing list by Erik, the Vice President of the club. Even the chairman of KTI East Java who are happened the Mid Rank Officer in the Indonesian Navy Corps, sending some Marines to support the event.

Trooperkids event finished by 11.30 am and closed by a photo sessions in front of the "Rumah Pintar" building which is located in the area. Before it ends, they shake hands to each others in a spirit of togetherness to close this joyful event.

Bravo KTI East Java!!...Bravo KTI

Source of Article and Photos: Erik Ardiansjah, mailing list, 05-2010 

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