Thursday, May 20, 2010

TIPS - How to Deal with the Miss-Positioned Inclinometer

For the 1988 and above Trooper owners, surely are familiar to the case which oftenly occur to the indicator panel located at the top center of dashboard, that serves as thermometer, altimeter and inclinometer. But these indicators, especially the inclinometer, sometimes get us into trouble when the ball position stays in the wrong position so it shows only a white area instead of the actual inclinometer indicator. For some people, it doesn't really matter at all, but for others it is quite disturbing. So what is the solution to this problem?

One solution to overcome this problem has been posted by Stephen Ellim, one of the KTI member in the mailing list, with steps as follows:
  1. Remove the panel fromthe bracket and dismantle the inclinometer indicator.
  2. Try to shake/move the panel to move the ball in the correct position.
  3. There is small hole at the back side. Fill it with oil until full (we can use baby oil)
  4. At ball, there is small groove. If the indicator position is correct, the groove will be located just below the hole.
  5. Use pin or paper clip, bend it, and close the hole
  6. Close it by using epoxy glue or other adhesives that are resistant to oil.
This condition normally occurs when the indicator panel is placed or hanged when we remove the panel during the body painting process, or at the time when we disassemble the dashboard for a particular reason. Therefore, to prevent this happen, we should always put the indicator panel in upright position.

Happy trying!!

Source of article and photos: Stefanus Ellim, Trooper Indonesia mailing list, 05-2010

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