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Coverage: Paseban Camping - 8th Years of KTI, 22-23 May 2010

None of words can describe how beautifull this friendship and the spirit when we gathered together in the KTI Camping event in Bukit Pakis Paseban, West Java, on 22-23 May 2010. This event was held to celebrate the 8th years of Indonesian Trooper Community (KTI) which falls on 28 May 2010, and attended by more than 40 vehicles which consist of Troopers and other brands, and a total participant of more than 70 people including children and also the majority of the elders who have accompanied KTI during the last eight years. This event illustrates how strong the relationship of a family spirit that is formed, regardless of the vehicle type we use, but utilise the differences to make this bond in harmony.

We began the journey by firstly gathered at the meeting point at Sentul Rest Area. Initially the plan was to gather at 8.00 am and start to move to location at 9.00 am, but due to some delay so the groups started to depart at 9.30 am. After short briefing and some small pray, the group left with Ryco as the Team Leader and Ragung as a Sweeper, headed to Paseban by taking a route through the exit toll Sentul City and through the Rainbow Golf Sentul, mount Geulis, and exit at Puncak main road. This route was taken to avoid traffic jam that is normally occur during the weekend, at the end of the exit tol Ciawi towards Puncak mainroad. During the journey the group stopped several times to wait for the other colleagues who came late and tried to catch up while on the move. No significant obstacle during our journey to the next regrouping point which was at the junction of Puncak mainroad and Pesantren road. We stopped to buy some food for our luch pack before we continue the journey to Bukit Pakis Paseban.

The path to the location was varied with many long and high degree slopes that made several vehicles which don't have 4x4 were forced to be drag and towed so they could continue the trip. We also had an incident that happened to the Ryco's landy, driven by Ryan Kosasih. The landy slipped into a ditch and stuck, so it must be assisted by two vehicles in front and behind. Luckily that the Landy had a winch so it hooked up to front car and held also by the winch of the vehilce behind. With a good cooperation and assisstance of the other colleagues in location, the Landy was successfully recovered and able to contiune the trip. The path to Bukit Pakis Paseban is impossible to travell by normal vehicle without 4x4 capability where the contours reach almost 35-40 degree angle.

The group arrived on location at around 12.30 pm, which was over the schedule. All participants then immediately looked for the great spots to set their tent and gears. Bukit Pakis was indeed an amazing place with extraordinary sceneries. It offers a great landscape view of the citylights with mount Salak as the background. The atmosphere was really amazing...but unfortunatelly the weather was not friendly that day and covered with fog.

Finish setting up the camp and had some lunch, the event committee held some games for the Trooperkids (the children) wich were more or less 20 kids. Having the games in this great place made them very happy while enjoying the rest of the day in the open field. They were also very excited having this weekend by going camping with their parents.

In the evening we had the peak moment of this event. After all participants finished with their personnal preparation, we then started the main event. Equipped with a full sound system and also an LCD projector with big screen, the show started with a warm-hearted introduction of some new KTI members. Chaired by Yudhi, the Founding Father of KTI who open this small ceremony and with a flashback of the KTI history from the beginning until now. The stories of the KTI's past experiences where it strated from a mailing list and then transformed into a big community and spread all over Indonesia. The transformation started from the first Kopdar where the persons who attend the Kopdar are still exist in KTI until now, like Yudhi, Mr. and Mrs. Zulkifli and Mr. Nasiful, who were also attending this camping event. This flashback naration was delivered with some laughter and joke where the warm atmosphere give us some comfort and accompanied with the shower rain.

We had dinner together with all participants. Nice meals provided by the event committee and prepared by the ladies were so great, accompanied by some songs of the our talented colleagues, Alan Marton, who plays the solo keyboard while the other sang. This evening was ended by watching the 1st TIAOR movie together. Some colleagues spent this remarkable night by singing, chatting and laughing. This is one of the KTI's pride where evereything was coming from, prepared by and for KTI.

The morning after we have breakfast together and continued with some games for the kids and the adults. The kids had some colouring competition while the adults start the games led by the EO, Mr. Pras. Started with some light stretching but combined with some funny movements. Continue with some sports and games with some funny props which made us laughing to death. This was unforgettable moment for us because these warmth and togetherness are those that give strength to KTI to survive forever.

We end this lovely event by having some photos together. The participants then prepare themself and ready to go home. We left Bukit Pakis Paseban at 10.30 am and moved to regrouping point at the junction of Puncak mainroad and Pesantren road. Some of participants decided to have a culinary tour in Bogor before separate to each destination. The groupd then led by Adit, our KTI Bogor colleague, to have some lunch in Bogor. This opportunity was used as an inauguration for the new member by putting the Trooper Indonesia sticker on the their car so they are now a genuine family of KTI. Welcome to Azmi...and see you on the next KTI event.

Bravo KTI !!!

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Article by Yudhi
Pictures by Yudhi, Ryco, Kusuma, Yoshi, Gafoer, Georgy

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