Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trooper Indonesia Coaching Clinic 2010

From 19 to 20 June 2010, Indonesia Trooper Community once again organized an event which was proposed to provide a training for its members, namely 'Trooper Indonesia Caching Clininc 2010' with the topic of 'OFF-ROAD BASIC TECHNIQUES'. This time KTI Jaya acts as the event organizer where the event was attended by more than 50 participants, including some colleagues from Yogyakarta, Banjarnegara and Palembang. The event consists of two main sessions, the 1st session was classroom session, and the 2nd sessions was field training. Acting as the Training Instructor was Mr. Syamsir Alam, one of Indonesia's National off-roader, who also serves as a board member in Indonesia Off-road Federation (IOF).

The preparation had been done and started long time ago by forming an event committee which consisted of Widodo as the Chairman, Abitani who responsible in Fund, Ryco and Ragung who responsible in equipment, and Yudhi as registration coordinator. Initially the committee had some trouble finding the ideal place for the classroom but at last they finally managed to get a good place that could accommodate the estimated amount of participants who were expected as many as 50 people, and they got a nice comfortable place in Cilandak Apartment & Sport Center, South Jakarta. While the field training sessions were decided to be held in 'Bukit 4x4' Pondok Cabe area, Tangerang. The reason to choose Pondok Cabe for the field training location was, that there is many variation which is suitable with the training materials that were given during the calssroom session.

Day-1: 19 June 2010
The 1st day of training started at exactly 9:00 am and was openned by Kusumawardhana as the Chairman of Indonesia Trooper Community. The materials were provided and presented by Mr. Syamsir Alam which included the preparation of Off-road vehicles, Safety Driving techniques, and off-road driving techniques. Mr. Syamsir has a long and lots of International and National off-road experiences and willing to share his knowledge with us, not only to the extent of what was contained in the training material, but also based on his own experiences in the field during this time as off-roader. Good technic in dealing with forest, sand while driving, and sharing about GPS technology and application in off-road activities, were part of his training material. What the most impressive was, his sharing about how to overcome obstacles without compromising our vehicles. It was a very valuable lesson and very usefull for most of participant who were mostly beginners. This session was closed at 16:00 pm by having pictures together.

Day-2: 20 June 2010
As a continuation of the classroom sessions delivered on the day before, the 2nd session was conducted at 'Bukit 4x4' Pondok Cabe as a field session to show all participants about the basic of off road techniques and how to perform vehicle recovery as well as directing the vehicle for off-road. Winching technique for both the drivers and navigators, including some techniques for giving directions to the drivers were shown and demonstrated directly by Mr. Syamsir. Reversing when the vehicle stops during climbing and how to use a 'high lift jack', were also part of the knowledge as well.

This 2nd session experienced an unusual poblem, a weather problem. Not long after the event started, a very strong wind blew and lifted the tarpaulin tent up that caused some joints of the framework, unlatched. Because of this problem where can endanger the participants, they spontaneously overcame the problems by using the winch and straps to hold the framework so it would not unlatch due to the strong winds.

The sessions was ended by Mr. Syamsir at lunch break and the next event was the practice by entering the field area. This was led by Alex Supri acting as the tour leader and coordinated by Widodo as sweeper. For the first-timer, it was a truly memorable experience. They were able to practice what they had learnt before in theory and practice what they got in the track.

From this Coaching Clinic event, participants will receive a certificate issued by KTI and signed by the President of IOF, Mr. Djoko Pramono. Therefore, the participant will be officially certified by IOF in Basic Off-road & Techniques. Congratulations to all our colleagues who have successfully completed this training, and also to Mawan and Suharmen who won the voucher from Tamasya Magazine to stay overnight in Bali.

Trooper Indonesia Coaching Clinic 2010 committee
Aluisius Widodo (Chairman)
Abitani Taim (Financial)
Trisna Yudhianto (Registration coordinator)
Ryco Arnaldo (Equipment)
Ridwan Agung (Equipment)

Artikel by Yudhi
Photos & Pictures by Ryco, Yudhi, Ditto

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