Thursday, July 8, 2010

Photography Hunting

"Unity in variety"'s an expression which is worthy to be given for Indonesia Trooper Community who recently held a photography event for the member live in 'Jabodetabek' area (Jakarta - Bogor - Depok - Tangerang - Bekasi - Cilegon). Not only automotive, but also other hobbies are accommodated by this community in a brotherhood spirit. Taken place in one of the KTI member's photography studio, Frans Hambali, in Kebayoran district in South Jakarta, this activity attracted other colleagues who have the same photography passion. Moreover, this opportunity was also used for knowledge sharing by our KTI fellow from Mataram  Harbanu "BigDoc" Hermawan Mariyono, who were able to visit Jakarta that time.

This event was held on Saturday, 3 July 2010 ago where all participant were gathered in Frans Hambali's studio for an indoor photography session. Luckily there were 3 models during this session so our colleagues could expressed their skill in modelling photography. BigDoc also shared some techniques during this session which are commonly known in modelling photography. All participants were very enthusiastic and express their creativity in this session.

In the afternoon, the session moved to outdoor area in Kebayoran Park and still with the same models. Unfortunately since it was getting dark, the session last in a short time. Some participant ended the session in this location, but some others continued to have night photography session in the Old Town area in North Jakarta. With some architectural composition of old buildings in the area where most of them are Dutch heritage, complete with lights effect, the session gave enough strong classical effect during the time. The event ended up here. 

Article by Yudhi
Pictures by BigDoc, Frans

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