Tuesday, July 27, 2010

KOPDAR Anyer, 24-25 July 2010

As a continuation of the Kopdar Roadshow held by KTI Jaya Chapter during 2010, the next Kopdar event was hel on 24-25 July 2010 in Anyer, West Java. Acting as the hosts are the Prasodjo's family from Cilegon Chapter. By taking place in 'Kelapa Gading' Camping Ground, this Kopdar was attended by more than 50 vehicles consisting of about 40 Troopers and some other vehicles, and filled with lots of interesting events such as games, a local traditional culture called 'Debus' from Banten, music and singing performance from the members, and a warm and friendly gathering.

This 'Kelapa Gading' camping ground is located about 3 km away from Marbela Hotel Anyer towards Labuan, and located exactly beside the beach. With a convenient location and large enough to accommodate more than 50 vehicles, the location is filled with shady palm trees with very cool and comfortable atmoshphere. Unfortunately, the beach conditions are rocky with lots of corals so we could not swim. However, during morning until afternoon when the water receded, there was open area where the children can still play and having fun.

The event started on Saturday at around 4 pm, where most of the participant had arrived at the location. Opening ceremony with pray led by Mr. Tono and continued with self introduction from all participants with Widodo as MC. There were also some new members where this event was their first time to be together with us, such as pak Agun, pak Rizal, and also Rohim. After that, our colleagues from 'Kudoz' who had accompanied KTI at some similar events, started the day with fun games for the children and the families. Break the ballon, mummy contest and ball handling with forehad were some of the games presented during this time. Jokes and laughter throughout the show were lasted until the games ended.

At night we had dinner at around 19.00 with seafood dishes prepared by all the ladies of KTI family members together with the event committee. All dishes materials were prepared by Pak Imam Prasodjo and wife in an extraordinary effort, in order to provide special seafood dishes for dinner. Grilled fish, grilled squid, shrimp skewers, grilled chicken, tempe mendoan, and other magnificent and delicious dishes from Palembang, empek-empek which brought by our colleagues from Sriwijaya, Ian Djauhary.

After dinner, the next event was local traditional attraction called 'Debus Banten'. Since this attraction showed some mystical performance where unsuitable for kids, therefore in the same time our colleagues presented a 'Magic show' for the children in different spot. Debus attraction was not the only agenda for that day and the event continued with 'Jam Session' and 'Sing Together' performance until midnight. Here, our talented colleagues showed their capabilities in singing such as Pak Zul, Pak Budha, Pak Imam and wife, even Iwan Mortar from Banjarnegara presented a guitar-harmonica blues songs. What an extraordinary talents of KTI...

Sunday morning was started by having breakfast together and preparation for going back home. After packing and tidying up, the event continued with another family games which include all the participants. This was a very happy moment for us where it provided a more festive atmosphere with more laughter. Breaking the balloons and octopus games became the favorites games at that day.

So many memories and stories in this Kopdar where filled with the spirit of enthusiasm from all participants. Once again this Big Family of Indonesia Trooper Community has demonstrated a strong brotherhood and bond among its members, and hopefully this bond will be remain for the rest of our life.

Bravo KTI!!

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