Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sahur Adventure Off Road VI, 3-4 Sep 2010

Some time ago, the 4Wheeler, one of the off-road community where one of the activitst is also KTI Jaya senior, Ryco Arnaldo, on 3-4 September 2010 held an event called the 6th Sahur Adventure Off Road (SAOR). As in previous similiar activities, the purpose of this event is to strengthen the relationship among off-road enthusiasts while awaiting for meal time for the participants  who were running the fast, due to Ramadhan. The event was attended by 70 vehicles from various off-road communities such as The Series, Land Rover Club Indonesia, Komunitas Trooper Indonesia, Suzuki Jip Indonesia, Taft Diesel Indonesia, KJB, BOA, E4WD, Bintaro 4x4, and several others, presenting a light offroad track while distributing a charity act during the event for social activity.

All participants gathered and regroup at Sentul Rest Area on Friday night, 21:30 pm, and started to reach Babakan Madang at 22:30 pm after briefing. The trip to Babakan Madang spent about 5 km and with approximately 15 km of vehicle convoy. After reaching location, the group began to enter the rocky soil track. Due to hard rain that flooding the area about two hours earlier, the track has totally changed made it quite heavy for most participant to move. There are some obstacles along this path, starting from the ramp, inlet, water line and with a fairly severe conditions made some cars suffered from broken axle and must be returned to Jakarta.

Severe field conditions made the trip even longer and longer... Up to 3:30 o'clock in the morning, the group decided to stop for resting and having the meal. There were also some event where they misstakenly took the route by entering Hambalang , then tried to returned back to Babakan Madang Coblong, a villaged targeted for the charity act. Some limitation were encountered as the group passed through the narrow village where participants needed to stop for while due to their roofrack stucked on the villager's roof. Some unexpected conditions were also found during this trip, where some road branches were closed so the groups had to take a circular route to reach the target location. Some obstruction such as mud puddle also existed. They struggled quite a lot where the track condition were getting worse as each vehicle passing through.

The route made it difficult enough for the committee and made them decided to 'Backtrack' or returned, although the path to basecamp was near enough but the group couldn't pass through because it was planted with crops by the local people. The SAOR event finally finished at 12:00 o'clock noon. Eventhough some vehicles suffered from problems, including one vehicle from BOA which was rolled, solidarity, brotherhood and interesting experience did not make the participants discouraged and stay motivated until the end of the event.

Article by Yudhi
Article and picture source by Ryco, Mailinglist, 9-10

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