Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kopdar Jaya, 4 September 2010

After a while havent had Kopdar, this time Jakarta Chapter (KTI Jaya) held a gathering on last Saturday, September 4th, 2010 and took place in the parking lot area of Kalibata Heroes Cemetery, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. Having previously thought to move the location of the Kopdar to a new location near one of a private Television station in Mampang area, finally it has been decided to remain at Kalibata location. With the theme of "Kopdar Ngabuburit" (Ngabuburit means, waiting for breaking the fast), this Kopdar use the afternoon time to let the KTI members to break their fasting while gathering. This is because, in the meantime our Moslems colleague were having their Religous fasting moment during Ramadhan.

This time the main goal of this Kopdar was to keep the communication between our KTI Jaya colleagues remains in a good shape, particulary since we have some new colleauges that recently joined KTI who so far haven't had time to meet directly with the other KTI members. Warm and nice atmosphere which is typical of KTI was very noticeable when participants gathered together for just chatting and exchanging information bout many things. It was realy nice to know new faces in the community that may have been able to communicate via email, can now share the joy in the warmthness among the Trooper Indonesia Community family. There were not less than 30 vehicles attended this event, both Troopers and Non-Troopers, and it was unexpectable condition for us where all these cars had densely filled the area.

Some new colleagues who attended this Kopdar include Nur Amin, James T. Kaunang, Jon Erwin, Ratih Aestetika, One Darmawan, Dewangga and some others who actually have joined KTI long time ago but then appeared again in this Kopdar such as Bayu Amijaya and the former leader of Bandung Chapter, Derry. This Kopdar is planning to be held in routine, in the future, like when the Kopdar was firstly held in 2002. Back then, Kodar was held on every Sunday every 2nd and 4th week every month. But then, since other events were actively held by KTI, this Kopdar is planning to be scheduled for once every month so at least our KTI Jaya members could  have still stay in touch and keep the coummunication among each other in regular basis.

Article and pictures by Yudhi, 09-10

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