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West Java Adventure Off Road (WJAOR), 27-30 May 2010

West Java Off Road or WJAOR is the annual off road event where the initial purpose is to introduce the beauty of West Java landscape. Since 2004, Indonesian Trooper Community (KTI) started to participate in this event and never miss one single event, ever since. This year, KTI participated by sending out 3 teams which consist of 9 cars. Team 1 and 2 are all Troopers, while Team 3 is mixed between Trooper, Suzuki Jimny and Toyota Hi-Lux. The event was devided into 4 stages, Country Road (CR)1 to 3 and Trial Stage (TS). TS was consisted of 3 stages and to be able to participate in TS, participants were required to finish all the CRs.

KTI Team start to leave for Bandung city (The Capital city of West Java Province) on Wednesday, 26 May 2010 to have the scrutineering procedure. All tim members were in good shape and passed the scrutineering phase. Eventhough before they arrived in Bandung, some cars had some trouble during the journey such as broken shaft, differential problems and shock breaker mounting failure, but those problem could be overcome. The member of KTI Team were as follows:

TEAM 1: Irawan, Ragung and Mr. Tono (Mr. Tono then substituted by Jacky)
TEAM 2: Georgy, Rake and Agun
TEAM 3: Mr. Herawan, Didik and Welly

All KTI teams were ready and spent one night before starting the event on the next day. The opening ceremony of 2010 WJAOR were centered in 'Gedung Satay', the Center of Government building in Bandung, and with the total of 120 cars participants.

DAY 1: 27 May 2010
The event started at noon and all particpant were headed to CR-1. Since the beginning, all KTI member always moved in one line and in one group. They keep each other in a safe situation so when someone got trouble, they can give help in a minute. Muddy road and rocks were domonited the whole track path, but this gave no trouble nor problem to the KTI team. Some of "V-curve" obstacle and river path, were still considered as easy and can be overcome very easy.

During this stage, there were some traffic jam due to another participant's car which had some troubles, especially when the night came. The obstacle were also rapidly increased, including a narrow track and short vission during the night. Due to no exit passage provided along this track, therefore if one car had a problem and could not move or continue, the rest participant behind must wait until the recovery is completely done. During this CR-1, KTI team also recovered one participant that slipped over onto the rice field. At that time the other team mates were already ahead and could not turn back, and apparently KTI team were the next team that reach the location. We decided to recover this car since in KTI, we hold tight our motto "...Never Leave Friends Behind" and we are stick to it. After about 2 hours strugling with the condition, which required 5 lines to recover this car, KTI team finally able to put the car back on track.

The team reached the Base Camp 1 (BC 1) at about 9.45 am. And during the journey, KTI team always stick together no matter what, moving ahead in 9 cars while escorting the recovered car (which is apparently another Trooper from another team). Meanwhile at the base, the Logistic Team were already prepared the food and supplies. The logistic were ready at the BC 1 since last night, hoping that the team will be able to reach the base during the night. After reaching the BC 1, all team then rested and prepare of the next RC which started at 14.00 on DAY 2.

DAY 2 & 3: 28 - 29 May 2010
The team were ready at 14.00 and start the DC 2 at about 17.00 pm without knowing that this stage is like a long long way to run. The track actually was not that long, only 17,8 km away to reach the BC 2. But what made this RC special, was the road condition and the contour which made all the KTI tim suffered for the next 48 hours and more. If the weather was good we estimated that this track will lasted within 8 hours or so, but again, the problem is not only the weather but also the participant itself.

It started when one of participant had a trouble while climbing up an inclined terrain. It was stuck and could not be recovered by its team mates, but also broke its winch bracket. The recover lasted for hours because the track was even ruined due to rain, and made the KTI team to spent one night in RC 2. The next day were not that different and gave much problem to the team. Winch broken, engine trouble, etc...and it really made their day.

All KTI team reach the finish line and entered the BC2 at about 17.50 on DAY 3. It was really an amazing journey for all team members. Brotherhood and strong spirit has really been reflected during this journey. They start together and finish toghether, nobody left the other when they have trouble, and keep continuing the whole RC 2 track. We know there was other who skip/quit this stage and directly went to BC2 asking for points, but we are KTI and we shows the trully honest team spirit and responsibility which kept us survive. We don't care about points, what we really care is the brotherhood.

After they took some rest in BC 2, they prepared again to continue to BC3 which was about 76,88 km away. The track were not as bad as CR 2 and 80% was asphalt road, and the team was able to reach the BC3 at about 3.00 in the morning.

DAY 4: 30 May 2010
It was Sunday and the last day of the WJAOR event. After reaching the BC3, the whole KTI team took rest and prepare their cars for the next stage, the Trial Stage (TS), which consisted of 3 stages. After taking care all the administrative paperwork, the committee announce that the TS event were rescheduled and will be closed at 13.30 pm so team member who were very exhausted due to not sleeping and resting for more than 48 hours, decided to visit Mr. Zulkifli's villa, the Senior Member of KTI which is located not far from location to get better rest and clean up. This moment was also used for some of KTI members to gather in that place, to give support and share the joyness with the whole team member.

Fatigue and exhausted, made the plan changed. After cleaning up and having a soft pillow in their head, finally the team surrender to their phisycal condition and continue to rest and quit the TS stage. KTI team already gave their best effort, spirit and fight to strictly following the Competition regulation by doing the full track in RC1, RC2 and RC3, and never had any shortcuts like some other teams did.

Winning and points, were not important for us. What will be the most important things were the brotherhood, togetherness, always faithful and Never leave friends behind, Those are the core of our spirit. Indonesian Trooper Community was bulid on that foundation, and always be. WJAOR is one of the evidence, and like many other events before that. We start together.... and finish together, and because we are KTI.

Salute KTI!! Bravo KTI !!

Article by Yudhi
Photos by KTI

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