Monday, August 16, 2010

Soft Launching of the Indonesia Trooper Community Website

Finally after 8 years without formal website, Indonesia Trooper Community released its website through a soft launching at 17 August 2010. This website are still under intensive development and improvement, but in order to bring and to introduce this community to the whole world and through the whole Indonesia, the committee of KTI have agreed to release this website so any inputs and idea from all the visitor can be accommodated for the future improvement. By taking the moment on the same day as the Republic of Indonesia's Independence Day, we hope by the existence of Indonesia Trooper Community website can facilitate all KTI members in Indonesia as a media of communication by accessing:

We are planning to migrate each article in this blog to the website because of its features and it is expected to be the main gate for the external relationship between KTI and the world.This new website is equipped with forums so all Trooper lovers can share their stories and experiences using so many categories in the page. Hopefully this website might glue all KTI members in the whole Indonesia, and for the future of Indonesia Trooper Community in the world.


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