Friday, September 3, 2010

Banjarnegara Chapter Inauguration, 14-17 August 2010

In accordance with the plan which has been prepared in advance, on August 17th, 2010 ago, Banjarnegara has officially become part of the Indonesia Trooper Community (KTI) through the inaugural event which was attended by several members of KTI from Jakarta, Surabaya, Cilegon, Palembang, Semarang and Yogyakarta. Led by our colleague Setiawan Budhiarto, or often called as Iwan Mortar, Banjarnegara has listed in the long list of KTI's chapters which is recently celebrating the 8th Anniversary since founded in 2002.

Most participant coming from West region (Jakarta, Cilegon and Palembang started the journey on August 14th 2010, in groups towards Banjarnegara. Saturday afternoon the groups reached Banjarnegara then received and welcomed by Chandradimuka team, an offroad communitty, to immediately led the group and continue moving towards Dieng Plateau for touring and enjoying the magnificent natural scenery with other interesting sights. The journey passing the north of Dieng, Karang Kobar, who served participants with fairly steep hill. Though, it presented a very beautiful scenery. At the location, the group spent about three hours for a trip to an ancient temple Arjuna and then gathered in the open field for some pictures taking, then flying the KTI banner using an remote control plane owned by Mr. Agun. Unfortunately, due to some weight problem they failed to fly it.

After enjoying the great scenery of Dieng Plateu, the group then moved to Kampun Serayu Inn. Kampung Serayu is a very interesting place, in addition to some rooms provided for living in with capacity up to 8 persons for each room, this place also offers a Rafting tour. Some participants who took the room, unpacked their luggage where the other who prefer to camp, set up their tents at the camping ground. Today's agenda was closed with the variety of Banjarnegara's typical cuisine such as dawet, tempe mendoan and empal.

On the next morning, all participants did some 'Country Road' trip around Banjarnegara. Together, the groups was led to Mount of Love through a smooth asphalt road and then go deeper into the Damar forest. The location is very interesting with a steep slope with rocky cliffs on the left and right side, enough to make the heart trembling. Through a passage which seemed ontouched by visitor and vehicles, the group finally came to the muddy road for approximately 5 km. Beautiful scenery made this off-road journey was joyfull. Sometime they were also need to pull the other participants due to very steep and long  cliff which made their vehicle incapable to climb.

Upon returning from the 'Country Road', some participants did not waste the opportunity to do the rafting. Using three rafting boat with Ragung, Firman Alfa, Iwan Mortar, Ryco, Abitani, Kusuma and several of their family members, the rafting adventure began and under shower rain in the beautiful afternoon. 9 km along the route were completed within approximately two hours, filled with great excitement and joy. The children who participated in thisjourney really enjoyed the ride with happiness. Upon returning from this trip, all participants broke the fast together and then engaged in preparing the main event, the Inaugural of the Banjarnegara Chapter.

The top event was marked by the wearing of the KTI Official Uniform and delivery of our pride KTI stickers to the leader of Banjarnegara Chapter, Iwan Mortar. The even then continued with some introductions among all the members who present on the event, and continue with accompany of local singers to enlight the evening. Several colleagues who have musical talents, including Iwan Mortar himself, present some songs through the whole night.

On Monday, August 16th, according to the agenda as prepared by the event committee, the event continuted with the workshop to discuss the work program and also with internal discussion. After completing the workshop, participant then move to one orphanage to deliver some social contributions and donation from the kindness of KTI members. That day is the last day of the event and the closing of the extraordinary and historical events for our colleauges in Banjarnegara Chapter.

Congratulation to Banjarnegara Chapter! May the spirit of our togetherness, bonding and brotherhood may always be the basic strength of our community, and can always be maintained and spread to all people in Indonesia.

Bravo KTI!!

Article by Yudhi
Article source by Ryco, pictures by Ryco and Ragung, Mailinglist, 8-10

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